Naruto 688 Scans – Cheated Death with Izanagi

Kakashi forgets about Naruto 688 Manga the dozens of defensive justu he has, Sasuke forgets that he could of protected both himself and Naruto with PS, and Obito forgot that he could of cheated death with Izanagi. And Naruto apparently forgot that the guy he just called the coolest ever was just ruthlessly massacring his friends and family a couple hours ago, and literally ruined his life. Has everyone in this manga just gained memory issues and become secretly suicidal or something? Lol.

naruto 688

naruto 688

Well anyways, Obito had a pretty good death scene even though I think it’s more than what he deserved after being such a colossal asshole lol. But it was good nonetheless. I think it was nice that he was finally able to see Rin again and rest in peace with her at his side. Also it’s about time Naruto started really going all out, although you’d think that after seeing so many friends die and with the entire planet at stake, that would be enough to make him truly go ham, instead of his mortal enemy dying causing such a change in his attitude lol. Hopefully now Naruto will go into his full BM. I’m sure he’s going to use that form we saw Ashura use in that flashback at some point.The more chakra the stronger they become isn’t what I’m saying, Gaining power from the sage of six paths makes you stronger is what I’m saying. Naruto gained half and Sasuke gained half. Show me in my original post where I said, reference, or implied ” the more chakra one gets the stronger they become”. I never onced stated such a thing. I’m referring to the boost in power it self nothing else.


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