Naruto 645 – Read Naruto 645 Spoiler

We are so excited to bring you the latest naruto 645 raw spoiler and summaries.
naruto manga 645 will be posted here when naruto chapter 645 scans is out!
for the meantime, just read naruto 645 prediction and naruto 645 spoiler confirmed by ohana.

naruto manga 645

Though I’d like to clear something up for everyone: Sasuke was trying to save Naruto alone because Naruto is the one needed to defeat the Juubi, and he also didn’t have the means to save an entire army. It’s not so he can kill him later, lmao. It’s so he can kill Obito later. Though I’m curious: why did Sasuke specifically attempt to save Juugo as well? I also thought it was weird that instead of bringing Karin along to heal himself, he chose Juugo. Juugo’s important for something, we just haven’t seen what yet.

Next power up confirmed?

Also, what did Juugo mean by Sasuke’s kuchiyose? I thought there was a cieling to that barrier. They couldn’t really climb out. Was he going to do what he did with Manda and jump inside of Aoda, before releasing the summoning and teleporting himself back to the battlefield after the destruction was over? If that were the case, that would teleport them waaaaaaay back where Orochimaru and Suigetsu are, right? He also didn’t say he was gonna bring Minato or Tobirama, so it’s not like they would’ve brought them all back to the battlefield after this jutsu. Did Sasuke have something else in mind?


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