One Piece 839 – Read One Piece 839 Confirmed

I knew Cracker was coming back up! And one piece 839 the twist with his DF! He’s giving Luffy a run for his money I’m so glad we’re now understanding what sort of a power level the Yonkous are in if Luffy is struggling this bad against one of Big Mom’s commanders. Oda is on fire! That Chopper and Carrot scene! Alice in Wonderland, anyone? at ‘Bropper’. My God. That was hilarious.

one piece 839 chapter

one piece 839 manga

What the hell are Pedro and Brook doing? I found the scene seriously hilarious. That Big Mom scene with her screaming about the Wedding Cake….dunno, I just get a weird feeling about the cake now…. That ending with Ichiji and Niji! Damn, all the Vinsmoke bros are together now. Heart goes out to Sanji, you gotta fight it man! Show them what you can do! I forgot Shanks! Seriously though, who’s wedding is he attending? Could it be someone we know? I first thought the Red Hair pirates were in Baltigo given the cactuses last cover picture but now a wedding….any guesses? Popular theory is that it’s Baby 5 and Sai’s wedding! Wouldn’t mind that given how they’ve become one of my OTPs (I don’t even know how I started shipping them this bad) but would Shanks attend the wedding? Dunno. I’m just glad we see his reaction to Luffy’s bounty because he’s definitely looking at that in the newspaper!


Naruto 689 – Read Naruto 689 Confirmed

It has never been implied that Sasuke couldn’t Naruto 689 control Susano’o in the beggining. He used a Perfect Susano’o (to protect Kurama) all of a sudden, without any training.

You wonder why Itachi or Sasuke didn’t used the Perfect Susano’o before when it was necessary? For the same reason Sakura didn’t used the Byakugō seal.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Itachi needed to be resurrected. Obito? B!tch please! He can do sharingan jutsus using spiritual sharingans baby! And he can pass on his powers to the physical world like Hagoromo! Kakashi? Naah. Inutile as Sakura. Could do nothing until Obito gave him one last loving and tenderness!

This is chapter is Obito’s show. Kakashi is nothing more than a beneficiary of that show.Or like hiruzen said while fighting orochimaru in part 1, the sealer and the sealed are forever looked in eternal combat in the death god. Wouldn’t make sense if he just achieved it after edo tensei because using the version he used requires cooperation from kyuubi. And I doubt the first thing kyuubi will do after getting back is help the one that sealed him. Kyuubi is a hateful creature and that’s the darker half in naruto so Minato couldn’t have just achieved this now, or even while he was alive. Supports the theory about death god belly just being another dimension.