Naruto 661 Spoiler – Naruto 661 Raw

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naruto 661

naruto 661

Kurama is gone, just because he didn’t physically materiialize doesn’t mean he hasn’t been extracted. Bijuus didin’t appear when extracted by the Akatsuki, Madara’s extraction could be a similar scenario. The only blemish is that supposedly the only time to extract a bijuu from a live host is pregnancy. Then again, Madara is a Rinnegan and that condition may not apply. So it will be interesting to see who will come to plate now that Naruto is out of the equation. Minato is not going to give Kurama’s dark half to Naruto. The Dark side and Naruto have no bond, the dark side isn’t going to help Naruto out. So the question is who is going to save Naruto from death, Tsunade, Sakura, or maybe even Hinata or some combination of the three. Next year should be interesting.

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