Naruto 661 Manga – Naruto 661 Released

Here is the latest update on naruto 661 manga. naruto 661 spoiler and naruto manga 661 scans will came out of course thanks to mangapanda for naruto 661 raw and mangastrem for the naruto 661 English scans.

naruto 661 chapter

naruto 661 chapter

Kinda sad we didn’t at least get a few panels of Hachibi saying something to Bee. Bee and Hachibi have been so put on the sideline after Naruto got his power up. That’s the opposite for me however I didn’t liked the flashbacks that much at first then after I knew Kishi lacked some ideas and decided to waste pages on flashbacks so as to not make the Kyuubi extraction so quick…then I started liking this chapter. though it’s far from being my favourite chapter of the year …I still liked the Hashirama vs Madara battle the most.

So I’m thinking Kurama jumped inside intentionally so that he could screw up the “order” of how the Bijuu were supposed to be sealed, and when he talked to Gaara he was basically telling him to keep Naruto safe for the moment (since as I stated a week ago, Naruto won’t die from losing Kurama because he’s an Uzumaki.

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