Naruto 654 Manga – Obito and Rin

We will give you the latest update on Naruto 654 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 654 spoiler and naruto manga 654 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 654 raw and mangazone for the naruto 654 English scans.

naruto manga 654

Naruto is showing us his (more mature) view of the role of Hokage, then we have Obito (through Naruto too) who is finally giving us a deeper insight of his relationship with Rin and a clarified view of his motivations. He couldn’t accept the fact that he was just hiding unlike the others so he preferred to put everyone else at the same level as him to make him feel better.

Now I wonder if Kishi will dare to pull out the same thing as Nagato regarding the casualties. Obito is kinda weilding the ultimate power, if he comes back to the light side. he could just revive everyone too afterwards. Yes, sensitive subject. Oh it’s almost certain that Madara will backstab him, but it won’t change much to Madara’s plan if people are revived or not, so your timing is not mandatory I think.

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